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Courses KA1 Erasmus+

Cultiv shares its non-formal education practice with educators, trainers and educational leaders.

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The association's activity already has more than 20 years of experience with different publics (young people and adults in prisons), young people in school environments and elderly people in residential homes.

Always using non-formal education practices through art, in general, and literature, in particular, the "Cultiv(ating) Creativity" course is a practical example of how CULTIV - Associação de Ideias works with these publics.


 The contents of this training course are:


  • Creativity through literature with different publics;
  • Poetry has a way to encourage creativity with the elderly;

  •  The role of the body in improving individual and grup creativity;

  • Playing with Art that is not yet: building from the classroom;

  •  Immersion in exploratory contexts that promote creativity: creating narratives based on aesthetic explorations of a blank sheet of paper;

  • Practical exercises for developing creativity with youth groups;


The course fee is 400€ per participant and includes organization of the course, coffee breaks and cultural visits. Does not include transfers, accommodation and meals.




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